Monday, September 15, 2014

Prince William Board of County Supervisors Agenda‏ - September 16, 2014

Board Chamber, One County Complex Court
Prince William, Virginia  22192


1. Pledge of Allegiance 2:00 P.M.

2. Invocation
Minister Dessain Terry, Church of Christ, Dale City

3. Proclamation

A. RES - Proclaim – September 19, 2014 – Prisoner of
War/Missing in Action Recognition Day – Supervisor

4. Citizens' Time

5. Presentations 

A.     – Presentation – 2014 Community Survey Results –
Tracey Hormuth, Office of Management and Budget and Elise Delahanty, ORC International 

6. County Executive

7. County Attorney

A. RES - Authorize - Closed Meeting 

8. Public Hearings 2:00 P.M.

A. RES – Authorize – Sale of Approximately 2,008 Square
Feet of County-Owned Property Located at 14790 Lee
Highway – Brentsville Magisterial District –
Angela Horan – County Attorney
Budget Amendments – All Departments

B. RES - Carryover of FY2014 Encumbered and Unencumbered
Balances; Decrease the FY2014 Budget and Increase the FY2015 Budget and Appropriation in an Approximate Amount of, but Not to Exceed,
$250,000,000 – Steven Walts - Prince William
County Public Schools

9. Economic Development

A.     – Presentation – Economic Development Quarterly
Report – Second Quarter 2014 – Jeff Kaczmarek –
Economic Development

10. Public Works

A.     – Presentation – Quarterly Project Report – First
Quarter FY 2015 – Thomas Bruun – Public Works
11. Intergovernmental Report view

12. Supervisors’ Time

13. Closed Meeting

A. RES – Certify Closed Meeting

14. Adjourn

A. RES – Adjourn Meeting

Upcoming Nutrition Class‏

Virginia Cooperative Extension’s Living Well with Diabetes Will Be Back in October

Virginia Cooperative Extension’s successful four night education series, Living Well with Diabetes begins on Thursday October 2 and continues October 9, 16, and 23 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.  Classes are held at the McCoart Administrative Center, 1 County Complex Court, Prince William 22192.   A light meal is served from 6:00-6:30 PM as part of the class.

For seven years, Nancy Stegon, MPH, RD has been helping adults in Prince William County learn to live and thrive with diabetes. Her expert approach and knowledge, coupled with an excellent team of speakers, including Dr. Corbin Eissler, MD and Beth Patton, RN.  Certified Diabetes Educator Kathy Reily, CDE, RD explains medications including pills and insulin.  Each participant receives a notebook filled with power point slides for each session, shopping lists, carbohydrate counting tips, meal planning guides and of course, diabetes friendly recipes.

Living Well with Diabetes is open to people with diabetes or those interested in learning more, their families and their caregivers. Registration is on a first come, first serve basis, so sign-up early. The cost is $50 for people with diabetes, which includes an A1c test at the first class and the three month follow-up meeting. Spouses, family members and caregivers may attend for $25. Community Health Center patients, Free Clinic patients, and  SNAP recipients for $30. Costs include four lessons: On the Road to Living Well with Diabetes; ChooseMyPlate and Nutrition/Carbohydrates; Chronic Disease and Diabetes Medications; Meal Planning and Eating Out. Also included are delicious meals and the three month follow up meeting featuring a guest speaker. 

Living Well with Diabetes features a comprehensive curriculum in a small group setting to maximize participation and understanding, while individualizing each class to the needs of the group. The program aims to increase knowledge of healthy food choices and use of medications for families with diabetes or other chronic diseases, demonstrate healthy cooking techniques, promote physical activity as a part of diabetes control, and encourage self-management with opportunities to share and learn from one another.

According to past participants, Living Well with Diabetes does just that! Many have enjoyed the classes so much, that they attend subsequent sessions as a refresher, commenting that they learn something new every time. When polled, 100% of past enrollees said they would recommend these classes to a friend.  

For more information, or to register for the next session, contact Nancy Stegon, MPH, RD Contact: Nancy Stegon, MPH, RD       
   FCS Extension Agent
     Virginia Cooperative Extension
Phone: (703) 792-4764 E-mail: or (703)792-4764 Application available:


Got Drugs? Next Take-Back Announced for 9/27/14‏

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Senior Year--Draft of a Poem

It was the way Survey of English Lit
lay on the t.v. tray in the two-door closet
I'd turned into an office.
You see, the apartment was small
and your infant lungs large,
forcing out cries like I did words,
typing on my Mac Classic,
trying to get my Master's thesis done.
There were no walls to separate
mother and daughter, no boundaries
or untruths or air spray to cover
the smell of sour milk.  There
was no crib or changing table
from Pottery Barn or even Ikea.
There was the donated cradle
from Peter down the street who
had three kids and knew what it was like
to have only a nook to call his own.
Peter's youngest was three at the time,
climbing into the red 1979 pickup
we'd eventually buy for one-thousand U.S. dollars,
Bondo falling off the fender,
like a woman's mud mask left on too long.
That's how we began, by begging.
That's the way we started a life,
our life together, our life of moving
from state to state until we settled here
where I type now in a family room
on an expansive, cluttered desk
that takes up half a wall.  Next to me,
craft supplies pig-pile on a battered rolling cart,
drawers falling off the tracks, each bottom
hindering a top, keeping them from opening
while every afternoon you come home from high school,
and I ask you how your day was.

Katherine Gotthardt
Copyright September 2014

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Seventh Day

God lays his
head down,
on my third eye,
on nothing,
"You think too much."
Ah, but don't I know it.